The high requirements of our customer in the material properties of our products are fulfilled by the specialists in our materials laboratory

We improve our products and services constantly to retain customers and act economically.

The manufacturing process moulded products is subject to a number of influencing factors whose interaction determines the quality of the products.

Main factors in the process are the precise chemical composition of the materials, the melting- and casting process within a tight temperature- and time frame, specific heat treatment- and hardening and tempering processes and the mechanical machining of the product.

The quality assurance of the production process includes the permanent control of thematerial by testing the chemical composition using a spectrometer, combustion analysis of carbon and sulphur and the gas analysis of the contents of oxygen and nitrogen as well as checking the mechanical properties and the metallography to ensure the correct formation of the microstructure of our defined materials.

The high qualification of our staff in combination with our experience enables us to realise tailor made solutions and customer specific improvements.