Our quality has tradition - since 1820

Over 300 years of foundry experience, around 200 years of roll casting

Rolls »made in Deuz« are used world wide and have made a name for themselves for sophisticated technology and highest quality.

This standard is a commitment: technological perfection and permanently new developments have been our tradition - for nearly 200 years. The history of the company reaches far back into the 17th century. At that time the first generation of the Irle family turned their interest toward iron and made the mining and processing of it their profession and ambition.
In 1820 the first chilled cast iron rolls were produced by casting in chilled moulds, in 1884 the first rolls for the paper- and cardboard production were produced.

IRLE also produced – according to their own patent – the worlds first centrifugal cast rolls. Also due to personal ambition and entrepreneurial initiative of the following generations could the reputation and today's world-wide prestige be achieved.

A high performance company with international importance – that's what WALZEN IRLE GmbH are today.