Rolls for the steel industry

We supply for the steel industry:

working rolls, backup rolls, edger rolls and profile-steel rolls for

  • heavy-plate steel mills
  • wide strip mills
  • middle strip mills
  • small strip mills
  • large section mills
  • fine section mills
  • middle section mills
  • tube rolling mills
  • wire rolling mills
  • bar rolling mills
  • as well as for specific metal forming processes.

Rolls for the different applications

Our rolls are manufactured according to the utmost modern metallurgy and technical treatment standards and by experienced and qualified experts.

We deliver rolls for the

Paper industry

Plastic and rubber industry 

Food industry



Finished casting

Highly wear resistant finished casting by IRLE - with full hardness and toughness against your wear and tear costs

Wear resistant finished casting by WALZEN IRLE is used in industrial areas in which wear plays a cost intensive role.

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Quality management

WALZEN IRLE is in possession of a quality management system, certified by the TÜV, based upon DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008.




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